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Vidding for Bitches
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Vidding for bitches.


Vidding for bitches is a Livejournal community for the young, the old, the famous, and the new vidders. We accept everyone, no applications required. Just follow the rules, make some videos, and be a generally nice person, we'll get along greatly.

All fandoms are accepted.

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1!}Absolutely NO tolerance for bashing! You bash another vidders video, your ass is outta here before you could even say "My bad!" Got it? Okay.

2!}Pleaseplease if you have a mature video, in title rate it as it should be.

Ex; G, PG, PG-13, R, MATURE.

3!}LJ Cuts are a MUST! So are Video descriptions!
Heres a simple video descrip. for you guys.

And dont know how to do an LJ cut? Now you do.

4!} TAGS are a MUST! Whenever you post a video, in the tags section, make sure to put: FANDOM:yourfandom

Please, please follow the rules! Or your gone. Its simple enough.